Raggedy Ann & Andy Holgate Stacking Toys / 2008 Toy Town Commemorative Toy

Raggedy Ann & Andy Holgate Stacking Toys / 2008 Toy Town Commemorative Toy

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Raggedy Ann & Andy Holgate Stacking Toys / 2008 Toy Town Commemorative Toy

2008 Toy Town Commemorative Toy

The Toy Town Museum in East Aurora NY produced a reproduction of a Raggedy Ann and Andy stacking set as their 2008 annual commemorative toy.

The Toy Town Museum worked closely with Ms. Joni Gruelle on the reproduction of this toy.

The Toy Town Museum worked with Holgate Toys on the reproduction of this toy. Each year the Toy Town Museum selects a toy from the past and reproduces it as a limited edition collectible. In 1997, the Toy Town Museum reproduced as its commemorative toy Fisher-Priceís toy number 711-Raggedy Ann and Andy-a cute pull toy with Raggedy Ann and Andy beating a parade drum. The toy was a sell out with 5000 produced.

This yearís toy was produced as a limited edition based on pre-orders only. Each toy is made of solid wood, stands about 7 inches tall and be individually numbered. Enclosed with each toy is a certificate of authenticity. The toy closely resembles the original toy but will be enhanced with a rocky maple base to give the toys a whimsical movement.

This stacking set was originally produced by Holgate Toys in 1943 and 1944 during World War II. It was marketed as a Raggedy Ann & Andy concentration toy - Item #1204. The set was originally designed for toddlers 2 to 6 years in age. Both toys would come apart and the interchanging parts could be re-arranged every which-way on the spindle adding hours and hours of fun for toddlers.

Both Raggedy Ann and Andy and Holgate Toys share great American stories of ingenuity and creativity. The history of Holgate Toys dates back to 1789 when Cornelius Holgate established a woodworking shop outside of Philadelphia making wood handles for the village shop owners. Eventually, the fourth generation Holgate family moved to north central Pennsylvania because of the abundance of natural resources.

In 1929, Holgate was one of the first toy companies in the U.S. to research and develop the educational, preschool toy market for children. Jarvis Rockwell, brother of famous illustrator Norman Rockwell, was the chief toy designer for Holgate from 1930 through the mid 1960ís. Today, Holgate Toys enjoy the same reputation for superior quality. Holgate Toys are made in Bradford, PA and Holgate is a division of Pepperell Braiding Company.



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