Little Red's Christmas Story Book by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York

Little Red's Christmas Story Book by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York
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By Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York
Illustrated by Sam Williams

Hardcover, 40 pages
Children's Age Range: 4 to 7

Dear boys and girls,

Here is another story about Little Red and her friends -- Little Blue, Roany, and Gino. This one takes place on Christmas Eve and is full of magical fun and excitement. The merry gang meets Father Christmas in the woods and has a very eventful evening. I hope that you enjoy reading this Little Red adventure -- I wrote it just for you!

It is Christmas Eve at Buttercup Cottage.

Little Red and her friends set off on their trip to Christmas Tree Wood, where their favorite fir tree grows. Along the way they deliver sugary cinnamon sticks to the mouse family and delicious shortbread to the robins. But as they approach the wood, they find that Little Red's friend, Santa Claus, has a big problem: A sick reindeer has left him with only seven to pull his sleigh! Thanks to Little Red's sack of smiles, and a little help from Roany the Pony, Little Blue, and the rest of the gang, all of the children on Santa's list get just what they asked for and Little Red is back at Buttercup Cottage in time to spend the holiday with her dearest friends. Don't miss this delightful story -- it's Christmaspuddingtastic!

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