Raggedy Ann & Andy - The Great Santa Claus Caper Video **Only ONE available**

Raggedy Ann & Andy - The Great Santa Claus Caper Video  **Only ONE available**
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The Great Santa Claus Caper originally aired as a Christmas TV special on Nov. 30, 1978 on CBS. The VHS videos of it were released in 1993.

Raggedy Ann & Andy star in this heartwarming holiday classic!

Alexander Graham Wolf, aka the Big Bad Wolf is an Inefficiency Expert from ACME Conglomerates, Inc. He is officially licensed to arrest inefficiency whenever he finds it, and his next client, although he doesn't know it, is Santa Claus. Alexander has come up with a foolproof way to make children pay for their presents. He plans to cover all toys in GLOOPSTICK (a hard plastic covering) which makes them little brother-proof, little sister-proof, wear out-proof and virtually fun proof. With the help of Comet, Santa's number 5 reindeer, Raggedy Ann and Andy travel to the North Pole to stop Alexander's sinister plan.

Catch a ride on a magic reindeer and follow Raggedy Ann, Andy and Raggedy Arthur on a special holiday mission to stop ... The Great Santa Claus Caper.

Written, Produced & Directed by Chuck Jones
Voice of Raggedy Ann: June Foray
Voice of Raggedy Andy: Daws Butler
Voice of the Wolf: Les Tremayne

Approximate running time: 30 minutes

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