Raggedy Ann & Andy: Pixling, Ghost & Sunny Bunny VHS Video

Raggedy Ann & Andy: Pixling, Ghost & Sunny Bunny VHS Video
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Raggedy Ann & Andy: Pixling, Ghost & Sunny Bunny VHS Video
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Raggedy Ann & Andy: The Pixling Adventure...and other exciting tales

VHS color cartoons, 72 minutes

Bursting with color animation and storylines full of heart and humor THE ADVENTURES OF RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY brings timeless entertainment to the whole family. When the lights go out in Marcella’s bedroom, Raggedy Ann, Andy and their delightfull band of friends set off for the magical world of Raggedyland. Each exciting adventure brings them face-to-face with fabulous new creatures like Perriwonks, Mabbits and Pixleys. Can the world’s cuddliest duo save the day?

THE PIXLING ADVENTURE (Written by Karen Willson & Chris Weber) Raggedy Ann, Andy and Raggedy Dog try to get Prince Luke back to Pixley Castle before Count Gerich can steal away the throne.

THE BEASTLY GHOST ADVENTURE (Story by Linda Woolverton, Written by Janis Diamond & George Atkins) Raggedy Ann, Andy and friends meet a creature called the Beastly Ghost, who wants to change the ending to a scary story they’ve just heard.

THE RANSOM OF THE SUNNY BUNNY ADVENTURE (Written by Sheryl Scarborough & Kayte Kuch) When Cracklin Wizard and the Witch accidentally kidnap Sunny Bunny, Raggedy Ann and Andy set off on an adventure to rescue their friend.

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