Dick and Jane Alphabet Book Bag

Dick and Jane Alphabet Book Bag

Product Description

Dick and Jane Alphabet Book Bag

Age 18 months and up

ISBN 978-0-448-446318
With Dick and Jane as a guide, learning the alphabet is as easy as ABC. Help your child learn their alphabet with this charming set of 26 shaped books - one book for each letter of the alphabet!

Perfect for fostering letter recognition!
- Each book is die-cut in the shape of the letters of the alphabet
- Each book is illustrated using your favorite characters (Dick, Jane, Sally, Mother, Father)
- Each book features a letter of the alphabet with captioned images inside.
- Images are simple and easily identifiable

The youngest of readers will get lots of letter practice while building their vocabulary.
- Use the individual die-cut books to spell words
- Building a vocabulary has never been so much fun!

A - Apple, Airplane, Animal, Above
B - Ball, Basket, Broom, Bus, Books
C - Car, Cat, Chair, Clothes, Coat, Costume
D - Dick, Dog, Doll (Raggedy Andy), Door (with Raggedy Ann), Dress
E - Elephant, Eat, Easel, Eyes, Ears
F - Father, Fence, Flower, Football
G - Girl, Green, Gift, Grill, Grass, Groceries
H - Hose, Horse, Hat, Hop
I - Ice cream, Iron
J - Jacket, Jump rope, Juggle, Jane (with Raggedy Ann)
K - Knee, Kitten, Kind, Kick
L - Leaves, Lake, Lawn, Ladder
M - Mother, Market, Mop, Mirror
N - Newspaper, Noise, Nose, Night
O - Oar, Open, Outside, Over
P - Puff, Pail, Pool, Pigeons
Q - Quilt, Quiet, Quick, Quiz
R - Rabbit, Rain, Rope, Ride
S - Spot, Sally, Shovel, Sand, Swing, Skates
T - Tim, Toys (with Raggedy Ann), Train, Tricycle
U - Umbrella, Untie, Upside-down, Uniform
V - Vehicle, Vegetables, Vest, Vacuum
W - Wagon, Window, Wheelbarrow, Watering can
X - Xylophone, X-ray
Y - Yelp, Yank, Yard, Yellow (Raggedy Ann on cover)
Z - Zero, Zoo, Zigzag, Zoom

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