Raggedy Ann & Andy Exposition Reproduction Dolls by Applause

Raggedy Ann & Andy Exposition Reproduction Dolls by Applause

Product Description

Raggedy Ann & Andy Exposition Reproduction Dolls by Applause

Authorized Reproduction of 1930's Raggedy Ann Exposition Doll
First Time Creation of Matching Raggedy Andy
Limited Edition of 7,500
Hand numbered certificate
Each individual doll is numbered

From back of box:
Together After All These Years
In 1934, Johnny Gruelle found a new maker for his Raggedy Ann dolls; the Exposition Doll & Toy Mf. Co. In keeping with Johnny's changed concept of the Raggedys (from a home-crafted look to magical characters), Exposition's Raggedy Ann doll captured the cartoonish look of the new storybook graphics.
Ready to premiere the new Raggedy Ann dolls at the 1935 New York Toyfair, the Gruelle's discovered a rival company, Molly-E's Doll Outfiters, were manufacturing unauthorized Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Dolls.
Starting in 1935, Gruelle battled the infringing Molly-E's Outfitters in court and finally won at the end of 1937.
Consequently, due to the legal battle, only a small number of "authorized" Exposition Raggedy Ann dolls were ever manufactured, (1934-1935) and her companion, Raggedy Andy, was NEVER produced.
Applause and the Gruelle Family are especially proud to bring you not only an authentic reproduction of the original Exposition Raggedy Ann doll but also, to unite Ann with her long lost companion, Raggedy Andy.
For the very first time, an exclusive interpretation of the Exposition Raggedy Andy doll is offered to you completing the bond that should have united the Raggedy pair over 64 years ago.

Applause # 16690
Produced in 1998

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